Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Carlito Antinori

Character: Carlito Antinori (Enrico's hireling)
Player: Butch
Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Cost: 12 g.p. per month.
Morale: 7
Ht: 5'6" Wt: 147 lbs.
Level: 1
X.P.: 280

Current HP: 4
Maximum HP: 9

Strength: 17 (+1 to hit, +1 damage)
Intelligence: 8
Wisdom: 9
Dexterity: 13
Constitution: 16 +2 hit points
Charisma: 10

Weapon proficiencies: Short bow, hand axe, broad sword, dagger, glaive

Gear Worn or Carried:
Short bow (1-6), 5.0 pounds
Quiver, large, 1.3 pounds
 20 arrows, 3.0 pounds
Hand axe #1 (1-6), 5.0 pounds
Hand axe #2 (1-6), 5.0 pounds
Dagger (1-4), 1.0 pounds
Scabbard for dagger, 9.6 ounces
Broad sword (2-8), 7.5 pounds
Scabbard for broad sword, 25.3 ounces
Glaive (1-6), 7.5 pounds

Armor and Clothing:
Adventurer's wear, 13.6 pounds
Boots, cow-hide, knee high, 0.5 pounds
Scale Mail,

Waterskin, 11.2 ounces
Blanket, woolen, 3.6 pounds
Belt pouch, small, 2.2 ounces
 Contains 1 g.p., 8 s.p., 36 c.p.
Belt, 3 pounds, 8 ounces
Backpack, 3 pounds
 Eating bowl, 0.1 pounds
 Mug with handle, 1 pound
 Spoon, wooden, 2.5 ounces
 67 GP, 15 SP, 12 CP

On Enrico's horse:
Sack, cowhide, for food, 2.3 pounds
 Biscuits, 1 dozen
 12 ounces Bacon, smoked, 2.0 pounds
 Potatoes, two dozen, 4.0 pounds
 Salt, 2.0 pounds
Cooking pot, cast iron, 4.5 pounds
Leather armor, 8 pounds

Weight allowance: 85
Weight carried: 54.5

Racial and Background Abilities/Notes:
Born: In the city of Andria, in the Barony of Bari, in the Kingdom of Napoli, under the Empire of Spain
Father's Profession: Sailor: handle a boat or ship; +2 dexterity for balance; climb ropes.
Family: Raised by mother and father, paternal grandfather, maternal grandmother and grandfather, two brothers.
Physical: Athletic experience allows character specialty skill at mountaineering.
Choices: Distinguished effort has secured a writ of passage (free from tolls) throughout the realm.
Talent: One extra weapon proficiency (glaive)
Personal Relationships: Camaraderie with the Andria military; can obtain up to 10 weapons normally costing less than 30 g.p. at no charge. All military hirelings start with 8 morale.
Tendencies and Interests: If sampling an addictive substance, character must make a wisdom check or become a regular user (1 oz. per day) of that substance.
Health: Following any combat, must save vs. paralyzation or be penalized -1 to hit for 3 days due to pulled muscle.
Composition: Opponents must cause 12 damage in a single hit in order to wound the character, and all wounds occur in multiples of 12 and not 11.
Agility: Sprinting enables the character an increase of speed from normal to triple in one round.
Gymnastics: Hand stand and round offs.
Reflexes and Coordination: Automatically ducks or drops when surprised, improving AC by 1.
Beauty: Beautiful aquiline nose and is possessed of a fresh, pleasant body odor.
Personal Magnetism::All hirelings in the character's party improve their morale by 2 if the character is within 20 feet.
Eyes: Cat's eye green
Hair: Sandy brown, moderately straight, prematurely graying.
Skin: Mediterranean
Age: 16 (June 27, 1634)

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